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Your motivation is dropping while you are trying to losing Weight? It’s normal actually. Everyone through it. The most important thing is you know what to do to overcome this situation. Below is ways to stay motivated you can follow:

Remember and imagine your goal

Goal is a target situation you want to achieve. It could be to be healthy, have a great shape, fit nicely on desired clothes, to make your couple happy, to be fit, to be proud of yourself, to attract someone, etc. I suggest your goal is essential and long lasting. I believe that health concern is the most important purpose.

The more you aware your goal the more your chance to stay ahead. Frequently see your goal on paper on the wall is a great way to place that target in your subconscious mind. Thus when a bad whisper to stop appears you have a strong shield to hold on. You can imagine how pleasant and comfortable if I have a healthy and good looking body.

Appreciate your current progress

Lose 1 pound on three weeks is great, superb and wonderful. That means you have succeeded to achieve something. Keep appreciating your progress would arise your spirit to the roof. Reward yourself for small achievement with positive things outside losing Weight routine such as take a vacation to favorite place, buy DVD, buy books, etc.

Keep learning, practicing and experimenting

When you stop learning, practicing and experimenting, you are stuck. We all base everything we do with current thought, knowledge and beliefs in our head. A lots of things out there you didn’t know yet, even you haven’t imagine about it before.

What you believe today actually might be wrong, but you are sure it’s right. Read as much as possible, watch around and try something. When you find something new about tips, method, tools, etc., you will have more hope, creativity and energy to try and self-experimenting. By the end you will be a better person with all you do.

Smile, enjoy and relax

The world is so wonderful. Ease your mind. Forget the pain and sweats, just smile and enjoy the activity, imagine the outcome. Take a deep breath, release it slowly and say “I really like this”. Say “I feel comfortable with the sweats” over and over again. You will have positive energy within your soul immediately.

Motivate yourself

Instead of waiting things around that can stimulating you, try motivating yourself. Say this to your inner soul: “I like it and will do anything to achieve my goal”. Suggest yourself with positive thought again and again, you will be surprised. Say to you: I’ll move on. Say: I’ll succeed.

Find inspiration from success losers

Other’s success experience is inspiring and impacting, whatever their destination. Take a lesson from the losers, how they manage them self to achieve their dream. How they control appetite, desire, time and energy. How they stay strong in the middle of obstacles.

You could dig their story from magazine, newspaper, television, book, hand phone, radio and internet. You can talk to them on the phone if you can find their number. Read, watch, listen, learn, think, be curious, be smart and do something.

Aware that success need times

Inject this thought to your mind “Every success takes time, forever” as much as you can.  Believe that you’re patient, hard-worker and smart person.

Get fresh air outside

Like a computer need refresh, as a machine need engine repair. Human need time and space, to refuel the spirit inside. Get out from your weight loss world. Play with friend, have picnic with family, also visit new places, just make your psychology calm, enjoy and relax.

Ask your friends and family

Your friends and family is a gift. Tell about your goal and request them to motivate you all the time, especially when you’re tired and hopeless. Encouragement from people around you is a big boost to keep on fire and track.

Join the forum

Losing weight forum online is useful. Create an account and join the conversation. Read, learn and share your experience. Ask forum members to motivate you. But don’t be addicted, manage your time when to involve in chat when to not. Beware of bad comments and negative feedback. Filter the bad things and get the gold.

Wish you all the best with your weight loss effort.

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