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“Better Health is the Result of Our Positive Choices Made in Everyday Life”

Wellness is the state of a person where both mind & body are healthy. It comes from within, which is the result of proper coordination of your body’s internal systems. And the best way to maintain good health is by following a healthy lifestyle in every possible manner.


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What is coeliac disease?


Coeliac disease (pronounced see-liac and spelled celiac in other countries) is an autoimmune disease, not an intolerance as is often assumed. This means that the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues, through... READ MORE

How to alkalise your body


Is your body acidic? If your diet is high in alcohol, caffeine, meat, sugary foods, processed foods, dairy products and/or nicotine (all highly acid-forming), chances are your body will be acidic. Some signs... READ MORE

Plant based protein benefits


Plant-based protein Who would opt for plant-based protein? The most obvious groups who might opt for plant, as opposed to animal, protein sources are vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists and those following the Living... READ MORE