How To Make Your Joints and Bones Healthy in Old Age

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Ageing represents the accumulation of changes in a human being over time physically and mentally. Wisdom increases with ageing but the physical change in joints, bones, and cartilages which is inevitable can just be extended by making the right choice of supplements for joints and bones to enable a healthy movement and good functioning of your brain and heart. Vita Wellness Pro understands how the skeletal system plays a big role in performing normal actions like walking and keeping yourself physically active. Our body needs several vitamins to keep the bones dense and strong. These nutraceuticals are packed with nutrients that support a healthy lifestyle. A few vital nutritional supplements are worth mentioning-

Omega Oils are used to increase the calcium absorbed from the diet one consumes and enhances the calcium in bones. Omega 3 fatty acids play a big role in mitigating bone breakdown that may occur in osteoporosis as we age and provides resistance against infections. Vita Wellness Pro provides a combination of omega 3, 6, and 9 oils along with Vitamin E which retains the bone mass as we age. Vitamin E is also essential for cartilages as these help in the movement of limbs and energy is essential in them. Bone and Cartilage health is essential and the omega oil even acts as an anti-inflammatory which makes it a guard against any joint pain that may arise.

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Antarctic krill oil which is also available in capsule form is another source of omega 3 fatty acid. Vitamin C is another such vitamin that plays a vital role in promoting healthy bones and gums. Collagen is the foundation on which bone mineralization is built and is also known as ascorbic acid and this is derived from Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and involved in major processes inside the body like collagen synthesis and the making of collagen fibers which deal with any kind of tissue wear and tear and also in the healing of wounds. Vitamin C also serves as an excellent immune health booster as it fights off any free radicals that may cause cell damage and oxidative stress.

We would also recommend you to try out our ACAI Immunity Booster and Immunity Supplements with essential roots, herbs and vitamins for resistance against any infections as we grow older.  Again the organic mushroom and herbal complexes provide Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and vegan which are essential for bones and joints as we age. They are complementary to even promoting energy levels and protection of cells in the body. All in one convenient capsule is very conveniently available with us and organic in nature. Calcium is another important mineral for bone health and also Vitamin K which helps bones in absorbing calcium. Zinc and Vitamin B6 also contribute to the maintenance of healthy bones and it is of prime importance that we include this in our diet or consume this in the form of supplements in appropriate quantities.

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The need for supplements arises because it serves as an added insurance that we get adequate intake and supply of essential nutrients and micronutrients. We might not be able to access the right quantity of nutrients our bodies need and sometimes even eating a healthy diet may not incorporate all of it. This is the reason nutritional deficiencies have surged. We may not be able to eat a variety of meals needed for all the essential vitamins, minerals and supplements fill in the gap in our diet. Ageing makes us vulnerable to such health problems and the judicious use of supplements for bones and joints benefits people the most.

Vita Wellness Pro has well formulated joint supplements required for the Collagen, Cartilage, and bones and tailored this combination with glucosamine HCL (a natural amino sugar), Vitamin C, Curcumin, and other herbal and food ingredients. Why we would recommend you to choose Vita Wellness Pro supplements is that it provides a perfect combination for immunity boosters, brain food, which is a mental performance supplement as well as a bone health support formula. Introducing you to our supplements like L-Glutamine Amino Acid Powder, Mushroom Supplements, Krill Oil Capsules would just help you make the right decision for a healthier you. Vitamin C Food Supplement, Joint Health Supplements (Collagen, Cartilage & Bone Health Support Formula), and Brain food are the ones that complete and complement your full diet.